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Overhauling of HVAC System

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As everyone knows, nothing lasts forever. This is especially true for your building's equipment and essential infrastructure. Despite your best efforts and a regular planned maintenance schedule, facility managers know that everything will need repairs and, ultimately, replacing one day.

All HVAC components need more than just regular servicing to keep them in optimum condition and maximize their useful lives. No matter how well maintained, periodically, all equipment needs a comprehensive inspection and overhaul.

One extremely important part of preventive maintenance is the overhaul. Overhauls provide opportunities to disassemble and inspect parts for wear and abnormalities. More than being a precautionary measure to avoid product breakdowns, overhauls are pro-active measures to return system performance back to factory condition efficiency. In an overhaul, rotating parts (wear parts) are visually inspected for scuff marks, and dimensions are measured. Parts are cleaned, or replaced if faulty. An overhaul, therefore, eliminates the causes of deterioration resulting from aging (abrasion, looseness, and dimensional changes in rotating parts), thus restoring the equipment to original condition. An overhaul extends the equipment service life and assures many years of trouble-free operation.