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Infection Control in CleanRooms

A Cleanroom is an artificially created environment where air filtration and distribution, utilities, construction materials, instruments and equipments are maintained in a controlled manner. They are often employed in Healthcare industries and other precision based industries. The production and research area needs to be contamination-free thus Cleanrooms play a very crucial role in these industries. Whether it is dust, microbes, moisture, chemical vapors or aerosol particles, any type of contamination is unacceptable. More precisely said, the inside area of a Cleanroom has a controlled level of contamination which is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a specific particle size.

The dust particles, microbial matter, dirt, etc. can throw a negative impact on the activities being carried out in the laboratory The Cleanrooms are of absolute importance in the fields which are very sensitive like Biotechnology, Life sciences, Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, etc. The air penetrating into the Cleanrooms from outside is filtered to eliminate dust and other impurities. To get rid of internally generated contaminants, the air inside the clean room keeps on circulating constantly through an High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). The entry and exit is made through airlocks which may include an air shower stage.

Spectro provide services based on latest information, innovative techniques and stringent decontaminating techniques for Cleanroom construction, validation, maintenance and inspection services as per the specified National Standards. Our trained personnel understand your delicate environment and assure you with the best of services and results.