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    At Ramanuja Air Care Solutions We are able to design & execution of HVAC works for all verticals like Hospitals, Software industry, Production units. We also do the retro fitment works in the area of HVAC. We can able supply materials related to HVAC works.

Our Services

Modification of Hvac Works

At Ramanuja Air Care Solutions we do Designing,installation & Commissioning of HVAC systems , Annual maintainance contract of HVAC systems , Round the clock shut down maintainance team .

Duct Cleaning by Robot

We at Ramanuja will perform environmental services like internal duct cleaning. We can take up the cleaning activity in part by part to complete the activity in scheduled time.

AHU Cooling Coil Cleaning

If you are a commercial or industrial facility manager and are looking for the fastest, easiest way to clean your commercial AHU / evaporative coils, then you've come to the right place. The coils can be cleaned by spraying chemical & water on the coils.


Sterile zones is an modular environment in which the following factors are kept under control; temperature, relative humidity, air particles, microbes, differential pressure, and air flow. Validation is performed to meet required standard.

Clients Feedback

  • Sri Ramanuja Air Care Solutions Provides best Services indoor Air quality consulting , Robotic duct cleaning , Overhauling of HVAC systems.

  • Sri Ramanuja Air Care Solutions provided us best Designing , installation & Commisioning of HVAC Systems , infection control in cleanroom's , Validation of Cleanrooms , OT & ICU'S , HEPAFILTER Validation.


Our recent Works

What we do

At Sri Ramanuja Air Care Solutions

We will under take modification / rectification of HVAC works. We can supply all type of equipments which is required to full fill the requirements. We will do the duct cleaning by ROBOT mechanism, Chemical cleaning for cooling coil inside the air handling unit. We can able to supply quality filters for the AHU / FAU & EAU`s.

We will also undertake validation for sterile zones/areas which includes air flow pattern by digital water foggier equipment, air velocity by vane type anemometer & recording temp with humidity reading by data logger, HEPA integrity test by aerosol photo meter & particle count test by aero bond particle counter.

  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting
  • Robotic Duct Cleaning
  • Overhauling of HVAC System
  • Designing,Installation&Commisioning of HVAC Systems
  • Infection Control In Cleanrooms
  • Validation of Cleanrooms,OT & ICU's
  • HEPAFILTER Validation