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IAQ Audit

What is In door Air Quality :

  • Indoor air quality refer to quality of air inside buildings as represented by concentration of pollutants & thermal Conditions that affect the health & performance of occupants.

  • The buildings will be either naturally ventilated by opening the windows or mechanically ventilated with min fresh air.

  • The growing proliferation of chemical pollutants in consumer & commercial products, The tendency towards tighter building envelops & and reduce ventilation to save energy and pressure to defer maintenance & other building services to reduce costs to have fostered IAQ problems.

  • As a result occupants complains of stale & stuffy air, & symptoms of illness or discomfort breed undesirable conflicts among occupants.

  • There fore it has become one of the most important issue of principle of human right to health that every one has the right to breath healthy indoor air.

  • Factors of IAQ pollution

  • 1. Inadequate ventilation.
  • 2. High Temp & Humidity.
  • 3. Combustion sources – OIL,gas, wood, bldg Mat. Etc..
  • 4. Odour smell from closed / rest rooms, medical drugs, bio medical / hospital wastages, generator sets, Re Circulation of air in conditioned offices and all other aspects.

    Indoor environments contaminants:

  • 1. Biological exposure-Microbial.
  • 2. Chemical – dust, aerosol.
  • 3. Physical – acoustic, humidity, air movement.
  • To avoid all these problems and wanted to increase the efficacy of the employee we need to maintain the indoor air quality.

  • The comfortable range :

  • 1. Temp – 22 to 28deg Cel.
  • 2. Humidity – 50% to 65%.
  • 3. CO – 1000ppm

  • We can check the indoor air quality by means of modernised respective instruments / equipment's.
  • Based on all of the above parameters it is advisable for IAQ – audit regularly.

  • If the microbial is found inside the supply duct . Those ducts need immediate attention & internal cleaning.

  • ." We at Ramanuja air care solutions offer to audit the indoor air quality, check all the parameters of air with respect to clean air and offer solutions / remedy to increase the indoor air quality and enhance the quality of life of the human occupants."